Borrowing The HDD

Me : "1 Tb internal HDD khareedi bhai ne aaj."

Friend : "internal!!!!!!!kyu re...external leni thi na... Pagaal aadmi." 

 Me : "bhai samaaj seva ka koi shauk nahi hai." 

 Friend : "bhai mai soch raha tha k tera movi collection lu... Ab kisi ki hdd le k aata hu. Per internal leni he kyu thi pagal aadmi." 

 Me : "wahi to samjha raha tha."

Run In The Right Direction... Away.

I joined a gym recently, which I have not done in my life, the main reason being I find fitness freaks crazy and not enjoying the best thing in life beside sleep - FOOD. The gym I joined is named Penguin; they must have seen a guy walking after leg day and bingo...PENGUIN, aayega insaan aur jayega penguin. The health club was made  with all facilities but the footfall was not apt, the reason I choose this particular gym is that I don't like waiting for machines, after its not a Disneyland ride. Because of the low turnout, the trainers are in constant search of personal training.

it was day 15th and I was running on a tredmil, inclined to 10, speed 9, time elapsed 10+ minutes.

Trainer(dnt judge the gym here, he is the worst of all) - "Ye kya kar rahe ho... running se body nahi banti."

Me - "Schedule me aapne he likha hai... wahi kar raha hu... To kya karu."

Trainer - "abhi jamana hai athletic body ka...aaise bhaagte rahoge to body kaise banegi."

Me - "To athletic body... matlab ek athlete jo hota hai...waisi body..kaise banegi...aap smart lagte ho bhaiya...aap batao kaise banegi. "

Trainer - "Personal Training karni padegi kyuki sab kuch aaise ek din me nahi hota... mai weight training karaunga... ye sab running bekar hai aapki.."

Me - "Next month se pakka..(gym change karunga bhai... kya bakwass pel rahe ho.) abhi thora warm up hone do mujhe..."


The mountains reveal what you are made up of. They bring your true color out.

Now I know the meaning of this quote.

Scrubs & the House M.D.

I was coming back from Delhi, 2 guys around 45 were discussing about disease outbreaks, they were from public health and safety department. Out of curiosity I asked few questions which Google would have answered, but then come on we are still humans and nit from planet Wall-e.

Me : "bhaisaab ye virus kya hota hai... Mai confused hu.. Ye bacteria me aatma hoti hai k nahi..."

Doctor - "yaar ye bacteria me aatma to mere maze lene k liye bol rahe ho tum... Yakeen hai... But the virus is something which is dead when out of system, waiting for somebody jis se wo attach ho and ander jaate he active... Poora satyanash..simple me samjha raha hu. "

Me : "per ye samajh me nahi aaya... "

Doctor : "yaar... Kejrival ka naam suna hai?"
Whole train bursts into laughter.

Doctor : "to matlab aaisi cheezo me aatma nahi hoti... Ye to jaha marzi chipak jaate hai and system kharab he karte hai"


नही रह सकता तेरे बिना, तुझे ये आज कहदूं तो शायद सच लगेगा,
कुछ नही हू तेरे बिना, तुझे ये आज कहदूं तो सच लगेगा,
ऐतबार ना था तुझे, शायद प्यार भी ना था तुझे,
अगर कह दे तू आज के हाँ था, तो शायद मुझे ये सच लगेगा,

बीत गये कई बरस, बरसी पे आज भी आसू आते है,
देख के दो धड़कते दिल, वो पल याद आते है,
वो पल मै फिर जी नही सकता, जीना चाहता तू मगर, तेरे सिवा कोई ना अच्छा लगेगा,
आज तुझे ये कह दूं, तो शायद तुझे सच लगेगा,

हाथ पकड़ के चलना तेरा, मेरा प्यार था,
तेरी ज़िद को हंस के टालना मेरा प्यार था,
हाथ छुड़ा के तू गयी जाने कहा,
वो हाथ आज भी मुट्ठी है,
कसक आज भी उतनी है,
तू रोज़ याद आती है,
ये तुझ से आज कह दूं तो शायद तुझे सच लगेगा.

भीड़ मे गुम हो तुम हो,
चमक मे कही खो गयी हो तुम,
दिल से बॅस ये कह दो के खुश हो तुम,
जो तुम खुश हो तो मैं खुश हूँ, आज मैं कह दूं तो शायद तुम्हे सच लगेगा...

Its My Life

This is what that is going on my life, my happy/ sad memories... At times Its what my mind muses and purges out as poetry when its not thinking anything what it is forced to think!!!


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