The mountains reveal what you are made up of. They bring your true color out.

Now I know the meaning of this quote.

Scrubs & the House M.D.

I was coming back from Delhi, 2 guys around 45 were discussing about disease outbreaks, they were from public health and safety department. Out of curiosity I asked few questions which Google would have answered, but then come on we are still humans and nit from planet Wall-e.

Me : "bhaisaab ye virus kya hota hai... Mai confused hu.. Ye bacteria me aatma hoti hai k nahi..."

Doctor - " yaar ye bacteria me aatma to mere maze lene k liye bol rahe ho tum... Yakeen hai... But the virus is something which is dead when out of system, waiting for somebody jis se wo attach ho and ander jaate he active... Poora satyanash..simple me samjha raha hu. "

Me : " per ye samajh me nahi aaya... "

Doctor : " yaar... Kejrival ka naam suna hai?"

Whole train bursts into laughter.

Doctor : "to matlab aaisi cheezo me aatma nahi hoti... Ye to jaha marzi chipak jaate hai and system kharab he karte hai"


नही रह सकता तेरे बिना, तुझे ये आज कहदूं तो शायद सच लगेगा,
कुछ नही हू तेरे बिना, तुझे ये आज कहदूं तो सच लगेगा,
ऐतबार ना था तुझे, शायद प्यार भी ना था तुझे,
अगर कह दे तू आज के हाँ था, तो शायद मुझे ये सच लगेगा,

बीत गये कई बरस, बरसी पे आज भी आसू आते है,
देख के दो धड़कते दिल, वो पल याद आते है,
वो पल मै फिर जी नही सकता, जीना चाहता तू मगर, तेरे सिवा कोई ना अच्छा लगेगा,
आज तुझे ये कह दूं, तो शायद तुझे सच लगेगा,

हाथ पकड़ के चलना तेरा, मेरा प्यार था,
तेरी ज़िद को हंस के टालना मेरा प्यार था,
हाथ छुड़ा के तू गयी जाने कहा,
वो हाथ आज भी मुट्ठी है,
कसक आज भी उतनी है,
तू रोज़ याद आती है,
ये तुझ से आज कह दूं तो शायद तुझे सच लगेगा.

भीड़ मे गुम हो तुम हो,
चमक मे कही खो गयी हो तुम,
दिल से बॅस ये कह दो के खुश हो तुम,
जो तुम खुश हो तो मैं खुश हूँ, आज मैं कह दूं तो शायद तुम्हे सच लगेगा...

I was working as a CS at Aditya Birla. The office was till 7 pm, but do work pressure we 4-5 people stayed late. To boost productivity I started music on my phone, it was Avicii on the floor that night. Usually lala companies don't have the 'do what you want, until m getting what I want' openness. Boss came in don't know from where...

Wadia Mam (surprised) : "Who is playing that???? whats goin on."

Me (standing up slowly inside the cubicle and pointing towards my colleague, she was sitting on the table in cross leg aka 'aalti palti') : "She did mam... she did..."

Komal (Surprised) : "whatt... grow up n take responsibilities."

Me (nodding in no) : "ok... you are now my responsibility."

Komal : "mam...its his phone."

Me : "in my defense... she asked me to play Saadi k Fall Sa..."

Mam : "My team... passing the blames like they always do...dont panic... its ok baba... but if you could play The Beatles till am here... I dont get this dhim chick dhim chik..."


Guerilla Advising

Me - "yaar mera goriila glass toot gaya... Phone sirf 1-2 feet se gira hoga at max.... What is this yaar."

Hiten - "bhai... Dekh... Gorilla Gorilla me farq hota hai... Tera wala sophisticated gorilla hoga.. Habshi nahi... Pressure jhel nahi paya. Theek hai na bhai."

Its My Life

This is what that is going on my life, my happy/ sad memories... At times Its what my mind muses and purges out as poetry when its not thinking anything what it is forced to think!!!


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